Review: Shakespeare’s Secret
Cover of Shakespeare's Secret

by Elise Broach

I wish this book existed when I was in fifth grade.  I know what it’s like to be Hero Netherfield, the weird new kid who is so easy to tease.  This move will be different for Hero, though.  She befriends the woman who lives next door and finds out that her family’s new house holds a big secret.  The secret might even be connected to the true identity of William Shakespeare! This is a fun puzzle to try to solve along with Hero.

  1. Interesting! I try to keep up with tween lit, but haven’t heard of this at all! I’ll check it out, because I think it sounds fun to pull the old Bard into the modern day, twisted into a mystery….

    Kaza Kingsley
    Author of the Erec Rex series

  2. Shakespears Secret it is so mysterious in a light bulb!!!

  3. What? Nothing newer than last year? I love your really short reviews, and this is a graphically pleasing site. I hope you will be doing more!

  4. This book sounds intersting. I will have to check it out.

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